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Commands for installing Jenkins for a PHP project on Ubuntu 11.04 server with automatic pulling of code from private Github repository

I have not added many explanations in this article. Please see the sources I’ve used for better explanations of what’s happening, etc (see the bottom of the article). I mostly present the commands I executed during setup. Git is being used … Les videre

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Installing PHPUnit on Ubuntu 11.04

Open terminal and run the following commands to install PHPUnit using PEAR (also installs PHP5 and PEAR if it is not present) sudo apt-get install php5 php-pear sudo pear upgrade PEAR sudo pear channel-discover sudo pear channel-discover sudo … Les videre

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Starting a Kohana based PHP project using Git

When using Kohana for my PHP project, I like to keep Kohana in its own folder and as a seperate submodule in Git. This makes my own project very clean when uploading/pushing them to Github. I also restrict access to … Les videre

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Nettbasert løsning for informasjonsskjermer

Nettbasert system for distribusjon av informasjon på innvendige TV-skjermer ut til publikum. Åpen kildekode. Laget og brukes på vitensenteret Vitenfabrikken i Sandnes. Les videre

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