Installing Vagrant on Ubuntu 11.04

Vagrant is a awesome tool for controlling virtual machines used in projects. You have a project folder where you, in a plain file, have defined the needed box for the project (using Vagrant and Puppet/Chef). You can then turn on, off and wipe the box as you see fit. This set of commands installes Vagrant on a Ubuntu 11.04 machine and will show you the basics of Vagrant

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Installing Oracle VM Virtualbox on Ubuntu 11.04

Virtualbox is a very handy virtualization software. There are two versions, Oracle and Open Source Edition (OSE). The OSE version can be installed in Ubuntu through its own package. This short guide gives you the commands for installing the Oracle version.

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Automatically start a headless Selenium server on Ubuntu 11.04

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Running Selenium on headless Ubuntu 11.04 (like Ubuntu Server) with Xvfb

How to set up Selenium Server to run headless on a Ubuntu 11.04 machine with the use of Xvfb.

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Commands for installing Jenkins for a PHP project on Ubuntu 11.04 server with automatic pulling of code from private Github repository

I have not added many explanations in this article. Please see the sources I’ve used for better explanations of what’s happening, etc (see the bottom of the article). I mostly present the commands I executed during setup. Git is being used as source code management and the repository is located at a private Github repository. For a public repository just skip the part about generating SSH keys. Using a bunch of tools to analyze the code for each build. Jenkins will also run the unit/integration/acceptenace tests (PHPUnit / PHPUnit + Selenium) specified in phpunit.xml.

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